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with Drones Using FlytZip

The only cloud-connected software platform for managing your drone deliveries end to end. Set up your on-demand delivery operations in a matter of days.
Ready to use. Configurable. Modular.
Reduce Time to Market
A proven & reliable solution eliminating the need for building a drone delivery application inhouse.
Save Expenses
FlytZip handles software automation while allowing teams to allocate resources to other priority operations.
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Manage, plan, dispatch & track your deliveries live

With dedicated web dashboards for operators, stores, and recipients, FlytZip enables users to monitor delivery operations in real time.

Deliver using the drone of your choice

FlytZip supports all major off-the-shelf and custom drone hardware. Deploy any multirotor or VTOL UAVs based on PX4, Ardupilot or DJI Autopilots.
FlytZip Map DashboardDJI M6600 delivering pacakge using FlytZip's drone delivery systemDrone delivering medicine using FlytZip drone delivery systemCustom drone compatible with FlytZip: drone delivery system
FlytZip drone delivery software compatible with multiple hardware options

Compatible with multiple hardware options

With dedicated web dashboards for operators, stores, and recipients, FlytZip enables users to monitor delivery operations in real time.

How FlytZip Works

FlytZip offers an end-to-end experience for drone delivery operations. Store-front managers can create request delivery, the centralized drone delivery operator can plan, approve and launch the drone, while all the stakeholders including the recipient can track the live location of the drone and see the video feed from the onboard camera.
"Our aim has always been to deliver enterprise-grade services with limited resources, and the FlytZip platform aligns perfectly with our requirements. Our partnership with FlytBase greatly reduced the time to market of our aerial delivery service. We were able to focus on the various operational aspects of our business by leveraging their software for drone delivery operations. Their customer support has been incredibly responsive - we were able to add a number of features that were critical to our business, including language localization, multiple user levels, and hybrid drone fleet support."
Orkid Tech logo, A FlytZip customer
Andres Uribe,
Co-founder & CTO, Orkid
FlytZip Drone delivery system partner

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What drones does FlytZip support?

FlytZip supports all major drone platforms including off-the-shelf drones from DJI and custom-built drones on Ardupilot & PX4 firmware. To learn about your custom drone compatibility please drop in an email at

What are the recommended drones?

1. DJI M300 RTK
2. DJI M600 Pro
3. Foxtech Great/Baby Shark

What supporting hardware would be required to connect to FlytZip?

1. FlytZip Edge Kit
2. An Internet Connectivity Module

What kind of optional payloads does
FlytZip support?

1. Cameras - For live video stream
2. Gripper/Winch - For package pickup & release
3. Parachutes - For safety landing drone/package in case of emergencies

Do I need a drone pilot license to use FlytZip?

The licensing requirements for drone users vary from region to region eg. FAA Part 107 rules for drone operators in the USA, As a FlytZip user, please be aware of - and comply with - the pilot license requirements in the geography of your mission. Usage of FlytZip, by itself, does not imply any regulatory compliance.

Is FlytZip a SaaS offering?

Yes, FlytZip is a cloud-based software-as-a-service for drone delivery management.

Can FlytZip be customer branded?

Yes, FlytZip can be customized to feature your own branding; and the branded solution will be deployed on a FlytZip subdomain (eg.

Who is responsible for regulatory permissions?

The user of FlytZip is solely and fully responsible for obtaining all the relevant regulatory waivers, approvals, permissions, documentation, etc. before executing a drone mission.

Can I fly EVLOS or BVLOS missions using FlytZip?

The user of FlytZip is solely and fully responsible for obtaining the regulatory permissions to fly EVLOS or BVLOS missions. In fact, in most geographies, regulators have explicitly prohibited missions at night, over crowds or BVLOS - unless they grant waivers for doing so. Users are urged and required to conform to the applicable regulations in their operating areas.

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